How to Turn a Toolbox into a Cooler

Let’s face it, one of the coolest things to do if you are working anywhere that requires a toolbox is to eat lunch out of it. It’s easy, depending on the type of box you have, to create a divider for your toolbox and store your food safely on one side and put your tools and gear on the other.

But traditional toolbox lunches of sandwiches, fruit, nuts, and a bag of chips might not be what you crave. The solution to have a real meal in your toolbox is simple; turn it into a cooler.

Insulation is the key

If you’ve already divided your Metal Portable Tool Box into sections for food and tools you are on the right track. Now you just need to insulate the area and make sure the cool food stays cool. This can traditionally be done by lining the walls of the toolbox with foam and using an ice bag that is tucked in with the food.

Drill a hole into the bottom of the food section to ensure that you can drain any water from the melted ice out once you are done, and ensure that the dividers are waterproof so the water doesn’t soak your tools.

Now you can carry a cold drink or dessert, or even a more perishable lunch item with you and ensure that it stays cool throughout the busy workday.

Metal Portable Tool Box

Stay cool and comfortable

Just make sure to do your research into the insulation and practice some trial and error. It might be a bit snug to have some cooling food in with the working tools, but once the balance is found you’ll have a multipurpose toolbox and cooler. That at least will give more lunchtime options during the workday!